April 08, 2019

ANGARAI wins contract to provide Information System Security Support for Maryland Health Benefit Exchange

ANGARAI has been awarded with a contract to support Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (MHBE) on their information technology organization transformation initiative.

As part of this project ANGARAI will be supporting MHBE in assessing security controls and provide Security Assessment Report for MHBE systems, which will directly enhance the way Citizens of Maryland use the MHBE system for exploring health insurance plans, comparing rates, and determine their eligibility for advanced premium tax credits (APTC), cost sharing reductions (CSR) and public assistance programs such as Medicaid and the Maryland Children’s Health Insurance Program (MCHP).

ANGARAI will be analyzing and defining security requirements for Multilevel Security (MLS) issues and will also be responsible for design, develop, engineer, and implement solutions to MLS requirements and will also be performing risk assessment studies on the existing system for its enhancement.

Other activities such as - Complete Security Control Technical Testing, Network and Component Scanning, Configuration Assessment, Documentation review, Personnel Interviews and Observations for a moderate system, will be performed as part of this contract.

ANGARAI’s CEO – Venkat Subramanian says – “As part of this project ANGARAI will be supporting MHBE with its Governance Risk Compliance(GRC) expertise and will be working closely with the key stake holders of the program to improve the system security protocols. We are glad that we are an integral part of MHBE’s key Information technology transformation project.