February 14, 2019

ANGARAI wins contract to assist Metro to improve the Escort / Crew Support system

ANGARAI has been awarded with a contract to support Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority ( WMATA ) in Improving the Metro’s Escorts/Crew Support System. ANGARAI will be supporting Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority across three critical functions such as Project Management, Technical Assessment and operations support and analysis.

ANGARAI will be responsible for creating a project plan and monitor its progress and will be working closely with staff-level stakeholders across WMATA to ensure they are aligned with major project objectives. ANGARAI will also be reviewing team products to ensure Metro’s product standard compliance. ANGARAI will also be supporting Metro by building tools and processes to enable data-driven decision making to achieve core authority missions of Safety, Reliability and Fiscal Responsibility, Draft technical policy and process documents, manage feedback, and edit documents, analyze data available to create management reports for effective planning & decision making.

Venkat Subramanian CEO of ANGARAI says – ANGARAI has been supporting WMATA since 2003 on various projects. We are excited about being part of this project which eventually aims to improve daily lives of people. WMATA as an authority is a benchmark for other Metros across the country. A lot of effort goes in to improving the infrastructure for people and to know that we at ANGARAI will be an integral part of it, is a true pride and we are looking forward to support WMATA on its effort.