November 22, 2018

ANGARAI wins IT Audit support contract with Maryland Health Benefit Exchange

ANGARAI has been awarded the IT Auditing support contract with the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (MHBE). Earlier this year ANGARAI became one of the preferred set vendors selected as part of MHBE’s IT Consulting and Technical Services (CATS) IDIQ, an initiative by the agency to deploy a successful pool of vendors who would be supporting the IT needs of the agency.

As part of the IT Auditing support, ANGARAI will be supporting the agency by developing and leading the IV&V attestation process in compliance with the policies and procedure, conduct independent IT audits and publish reports to agency with reviews in order to improve the overall performance of the IT function, provide technology and planning audit support for governing the agency’s IT operations, assist in protection of PII data activities, conduct research on project management practices, results and performance record and develop various policies and procedures for IT audit activities.

ANGARAI has been supporting various U.S. government agencies in the Health and Human Service vertical for over a decade and has rich expertise in performing IT Auditing services which is a core offering of ANGARAI’s management consulting business segment.