We truly enjoy and appreciate being part of an organization that has limitless talent and feels like a Family.

Employees Speak Compilation

"The fun in working at ANGARAI is that there is a new challenge every day. That's the inherent nature of small business. Every challenge brings with it an opportunity to learn and an opportunity to accomplish. Being consistently given these opportunities is what I love most about being at ANGARAI."

>> SHASHVAT'S PROFILEShashvat Desai – Business Execution Officer


"ANGARAI provides an atmosphere that of a close knit family. Work here is defined as fun."

Salil Borkar – IT Analyst Intern

"ANGARAI brings out a spirit to help, learn and contribute to the outside world. ANGARAI is a melting point, where all the individuals are determined to take the company forward. Working with ANGARAI is so much fun, that it's no work anymore"

>> ASHWIN'S PROFILE Ashwin Saboo – Market Research Analyst

"ANGARAI definitely fosters and embraces both inter & intra organizational virtuous circle collaboration with deep values & integrity towards business problems, issues, goals & vision"

>> SHANKAR'S PROFILE Shankar Balasubramanian - Business Certifications Specialist

"Some leaders strive for victories,
Others sow the very seeds of success.
Some leaders call the shots,
Others coach and inspire.
Some leaders affect your thoughts,
Others influence your mind.
Some leaders merely lead,
And others mentor.
As we thought we knew all paths,
As we thought we knew all the worlds,
As we opened new horizons and new worlds,
As we found new avenues and valleys,
As we realized our outlooks changed,
As we realized mentor enhances outlooks.
As we all (the SSOP Team) realized you as our mentor,
We all evolved.
Thank you, Mr. Venkat Subramanian, Our mentor!"

Poem Written by the SSOP team, New York State project, dedicated to Mr. Venkat Subramanian