ANGARAI's project management philosophy is practical, proven and results-oriented. We help our customers solve problems, assisting them with management solutions over the long haul.

ANGARAI's project management philosophy is practical, proven and results-oriented. We help our customers solve problems, assisting them with management solutions over the long haul. Our holistic view is to tailor the project management disciplines of planning, organizing, monitoring and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. By appropriately integrating industry experience and expertise in methodologies and standards like ITIL, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, DMAIC, DFLSS, COBIT, CMMi, and PMI, ANGARAI is able to adapt global best practices and technologies to meet the organization needs.

ANGARAI has conceived, designed and implemented several proprietary business solutions models that have been very well received by our clientele and supplement other industry models and tools. The ANGARAI Intellectual Models serve as a key differentiator and solution for our clients and are tailored specifically to a client's project management environment.

The ANGARAI intellectual models

ANGARAI's PMO introduces and maintains process standards, collaboration tools and industry experience thus enabling customers to establish PM best practices and achieve consistency in the use of those practices on all projects. The objective of the PMO is to improve project success rate, reduce cycle time and cost and provide information and resources to project stakeholders. ANGARAI has the knowledge and experience to be your extended arm to implement project management methodologies to support new PMO initiatives, strengthen existing ones or reformulate PMO strategies, ANGARAI's PMO services are field tested and proven. The highlight of ANGARAI's PMO offering is our signature Holistic Project Management Model built on the following elemental foundation.
For many organizations, the changing governmental, political, and economic landscapes in recent years has led organizations to pay closer attention to their portfolio risk management and oversight through a variety of program integrity initiatives. Program integrity has become a mantra and, in various implementation forms, key frameworks for public sector organizations to identify, track, and manage their programs and/or provide accountability and transparency to affected stakeholders, especially the American public. These initiatives have focused on portfolio vulnerabilities and processes to identify and assess risks; develop and implement risk mitigation strategies for monitoring, and, if necessary, modify. Even with this closer attention, public sector organizations are still challenged to efficiently organize portfolio information and implement tools that can seamlessly track risks and provide the right information to the right people to make the right risk management decisions. ANGARAI supports public sector organization's program integrity initiatives. ANGARAI has over nine year and many man hours of experience in assisting public agencies in providing innovative yet practical solutions to oversee and manage the dynamics of integrating people, processes and technology tools at the Federal, State and Local/Regional levels. The firm's expertise in the management of portfolio risk and of effective technology tools brings together a unique dynamic that produces a thoughtful approach and resultant solution to address an organization's need to capture the right information, disseminate that information to right people for decision making, and ultimately, manage risk.
ANGARAI provides specific construction management consulting services that compliment and leverage our other service offerings. Our construction management consultants possess the engineering and construction experience to provide practical, cost-effective solutions to construction projects that stakeholders (owners, contractors, engineers, and architects) face throughout the construction process. ANGARAI selects construction management resources and organizes teams based on each client's specific needs and project requirements by providing effective project leadership in the areas of change order analysis, cost estimation & evaluation, construction CPM scheduling, value engineering, earned value management (EVM) and project control systems.