August 26, 2019

ANGARAI wins contract to provide Procurement Liaison support for WMATA’s Tunnel Grouting Initiative.

In a constant endeavor to improve the infrastructure for its users WMATA has initiated the Tunnel Grouting Program to rehabilitate, repair, and restore tunnels that has experienced widespread water damage and to avoid water infiltration. A large project that covers various scope needs a solid team of experts. We at ANGARAI are excited that we will be playing a critical role as a team member, providing procurement liaison support on this project.

As part of this project ANGARAI will be supporting WMATA in radical redesign of core business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity, cycle times and quality. In this contract ANGARAI will be Developing and Documenting Material and Inventory Planning (MIPN) foundational Governance Plan.

As liaison to WMATA Office of Procurement and Materials (PRMT), ANGARAI will coordinate all procurement activities for the program. We will be coordinating the annual advanced procurement planning and strategies and develop the annual plan of contract. ANGARAI will be working closely with PRMT to establish criteria and standards for procurement of all supplies and service for stock , as applicable, while complying with the federal funding requirements. In addition to this we will be Coordinating the preparation of Contract Life Cycle Management (CLM) for procurement and purchase requisitions for all relevant capital stock and assigned capital materials and supplies and serve as a member of all contract technical review teams.

The CEO “Venkat Subramanian” Says that – we are once again thrilled to be working with WMATA – an agency that truly stands out as a benchmark for every other public transportation agency across the united states. As a process consulting firm, we will go above and beyond and will support WMATA in this infrastructure improvement initiative and will assist the authority in formulation and implementation of appropriate procurement policies, regulations, practices and procedures specific to the Tunnel Grouting Program.

ANGARAI will also be providing training support to other consultants and subconsultant program managers/directors in making contractual determinations and decisions, provide technical assistance to others in the preparation of purchasing justifications, bid documents, and any other necessary review for the award of contracts, while establishing performance measures for contract performance.