June 2, 2023

ANGARAI Achieves CMMI Level 3 Re-accreditation, Demonstrating Commitment to Quality and Process Improvement

Angarai International, Inc. (dba) ANGARAI, a leading service provider of Project Management, Quality Management, Advisory Management and Transformation Management services to Government-organizations has achieved a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) - Service - Level 3 re-accreditation from the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). This re-accreditation demonstrates ANGARAI’s continued commitment to quality and process improvement in the development of our services.

ANGARAI received its first CMMI Level 2 – Development accreditation in the year 2013. As part of our continuing journey, we accomplished a Level 3 – Service accreditation in the year 2016, with re-accreditations in the year 2019 and 2023 respectively – firmly establishing our motto of "ANGARAI ... where Excellence is a Habit".

"We are proud to have achieved the CMMI re-accreditation once again and continue to have CMMI-Service Level 3 for more than a decade," said Venkat Subramanian, President & CEO at ANGARAI. "This re-accreditation demonstrates that we take adherence to processes seriously, with our never-ending commitment to process improvement and our dedication to delivering the best possible services to our customers. For us at ANGARAI, process adherence is indeed a Habit", he added.

"CMMI re-accreditation signifies that we have achieved a higher level of process maturity and performance. Also, this demonstrates our ability to consistently deliver high-quality services meeting customer expectations and continuously improve our processes" said Gurumoorthy Ramaswamy, Quality Management Services (QMS) Manager at ANGARAI. "This recognition also positions us as a trusted and reliable organization in the eyes of our clients and stakeholders".

"Sustaining our CMMI and ISO certifications is paramount to ANGARAI since it demonstrates our commitment to quality, continuous process improvement and adherence to international standards. Both enhance our reputation, competitiveness and overall performance", Aravind Krishnan, Sr. Director – Capture Management at ANGARAI said.

Shankar Bala, Business Support Manager at ANGARAI emphasized "CMMI Service Level 3 helps ANGARAI by re-establishing and continuously improving our defined and standardized set of processes, leading to improved quality, efficiency, and consistency in ANGARAI Subramanian Chakra Delivery Model. Further, it aids as a tool and framework to proactively identify and address risks, resulting in enhanced quality deliverables and satisfaction to our customers".

"CMMI re-accreditation benefits our customers by ensuring consistent quality, improving efficiency, effective management of risks, continuous improvement, reliable performance, and a strong organization structure/work ethic leading to a customer-centric approach overall", added Desikan Harish, ANGARAI’s Director of Strategic Initiatives & Customer Success. "This enables delivering of value-based outcomes and meeting of our customer needs, by adhering to industry standard practices".

CMMI is a continuous process improvement approach that helps organizations improve performances and achieve their business goals. The CMMI model provides a framework for organizations to assess their processes and identify areas for improvement. The model covers best practices for software development, systems engineering, and other disciplines includes services.

ANGARAI underwent a rigorous evaluation process to achieve CMMI re-accreditation. The evaluation assessed the ANGARAI's processes for service management and service delivery. The evaluation also assessed the ANGARAI's ability to measure and analyse our processes, and to continuously improve our performance.

The CMMI re-accreditation is recognized worldwide as a standard of excellence in process improvement. It is used by organizations in a variety of industries, including software development, aerospace, healthcare, finance and services.

"ANGARAI’s CMMI re-accreditation reflects that our tagline of “Excellence is a Habit” is not a plain statement only", added Mr. Subramanian. "We are happy on this achievement and take this opportunity to appreciate the entire ANGARAI Team for successful re-accreditation. Special thanks to CMMI Institute, and its partner Equalitas Certifications - including the Lead Appraiser Vikendra Kumar Saxena and his Team".