September 19, 2019

ANGARAI Wins Asset Management contract to support WMATA Silver line inspection and commissioning.

We at ANGARAI are so glad to share that we will be supporting WMATA on the important silver line extension project. ANGARAI will be providing Transit Asset Management Support to the Silver line inspection and commissioning team. We will be supporting in the coordination, monitoring, and update of the asset information registry throughout various programs, as well as during the commissioning of transit assets leading to the commencement of revenue service operations for the SLE Phase II. We will be Coordinating with WMATA departments to manage the Authority’s asset management system and requirements, as well as provide additional support to WMATA.

Asset management has been part of ANGARAI’s core service offering for a long time now. Transit asset management specifically has been an of interest to ANGARAI ever since the firm started supporting Metro decade ago.

ANGARAI CEO says - We have done similar work for various government agencies in the past. Silver line is a project that has surfaced due to the relentless focus that WMATA has, to serve the public and to make their daily life easy and we are so glad that we will be playing our role in supporting that vision. Like always we are thrilled to be extending our support to Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, which has time and time again established new benchmarks for various transit/transportation agencies across united states.